Thursday, 12 February 2015

27 Weeks Pregnancy Update

This week has defently been a hard week, Ry has been really sick still with the flu and so I had received it and then my husband has now got the flu so we have all been pretty sick, so it hasn't been a very happy household around here.
I've also been getting really strong Braxton hicks this week they seem to be stronger then the ones I've been getting in previous weeks, Baby is kicking ALOT some days will be quieter then others but mostly they are very strong.
I have been getting alot of discharge, I remember having it with first pregnancy so i'm not concerned but I will menchan it at next appointment.
My hair has become very oily but dry on the ends its quiet disgusting because all I find myself doing is putting it up in a pony pale and that's it.
im starting to not fit into any of my clothes its lucky im a stay at home mum because its mostly dresses and tracksuit pants for me at the moment.
 How Far Along? 27 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 93kg
Maternity Clothes? no new ones.
Stretch Marks? no new ones just old ones

Sleep? 6 hours of broken sleep
Best moment this week? probley today just having a day of rest
Miss Anything? cold weather
Movement? yes so much
Food Cravings? No I didn't have them with first pregnancy
Queasy or Sick? no been a good week
Gender? a little boy
Labour signs? ive had Braxton hicks for about 3 weeks now
symptoms? tiredness, kicks from baby, tummy bump,
bellybutton in or out? In, about to pop
Wedding rings on or off? on (I have had to take off my toe rings tho)
happy or moody? moody
looking forward to? cutting down the tree in the backyard this weekend.

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