Monday, 19 October 2015

5 Month Baby And Life Update

So it has been 5 months since my last post, Since then i have had a new baby boy Jaiden, He is amazingly beautiful he's giggling and smiling and rolling over and starting to get up on all fours to the crawling position which is exciting for his big brother.

JB (nickname) has now started solid food he has farix (baby rice cereal ) for breakfast, fruit for lunch and vegatables for dinner and he is absolutly loving every mouth full.

he sleeps from 9pm till 4am overnight not ideal but it works.

As for the how he came into this world it was a very scary and exciting day all in one.
i woke up in the morning and started to have very light contraction which where just not going away, we called hospital they told be to come in and they would check it out so we packed the car and made our way in and they told me i was not even dilated at all they said i could stay or go home so off we went back home and had some lunch.

The next couple of hours they where starting to become a lot stronger but not enough to be in pain so we called again and they said to come in, we went it they said i was not dilated at all, and as soon as the nurse finished checking how dilated i was (if you have ever had that done.... its not nice) i really needed to use the bathroom, as soon as i sat on the toiled all this blood came rushing out i screaming lucky my husband was there helping me he got the nurse and she said its ok its just so spotting you'll be ok, i stood up for her and lets just say she yelled pressed some button the next i know i was in a room pushing out a baby all within a matter of 20 minutes of parking the car walking in getting checked for dilation and having a baby in my arms. IT WAS CRAZY!!!!

my placenta had erupted and the baby had gone into destress and his heart rate had dropped crazy amounts so if i wasn't in the hospital when that had happened i would have not had a baby today, so we are god dam very lucky.

As for my body it is still feeling it everyday, but hey it will get better.

JB was born a healthy 3.5 kg and how weights a huge 8.5kg 

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