Thursday, 9 April 2015

35 Weeks Pregnancy Update


OMG this pregnancy has gone so quick, cannot believe i have only 5 weeks left till I'll have 2 beautiful son's. 

i definitely cannot wait for this pregnancy to be over and i definitely have made that decision that this will be my last pregnancy, I'm so happy with all my boys and i definitely could not ask for anything more, yes i will miss dress up a little girl or doing nails and doing all that girly stuff but if you know me I'm not that sort of person anyway i would definitely prefer to take my boys to sport and get dirty, not saying that girls don't but you know what i mean.

i have all my bags packed, there just sitting in the nursery all prepared and waiting.

i have been really well no big problems, lots of stretching pains when baby moves, I'm pretty sure baby is head down now which is good. my blood pressure and baby blood pressure is all good i have put a total of 13kg's on which is not bad just hoping its not to much more but it shouldn't.

I'm still getting crazy indigestion, i'm starting to get used to that, also back pain is the worst, but lots of rest helps with that.

How far along? 35 weeks today

Total weight gain? 13kg's / 99kg's

Maternity clothes? no maternity clothes but have bought some singlets that are extra large 

Stretch marks? yes too many

Sleep? having to use the bathroom twice a night and a toddler that doesn't like to sleep so no not much sleep here.

Best moments this week? it was easter on the weekend so probley easter.

miss anything? family

Movements? have slowed down bit this week.

cravings? no don't get them.

queasy or sick? no

labour signs? no just pulling feelings in vagina area.

gender? Boy

symptoms? belly, kicks and movements, stretching and pulling

belly button in or out? out and had to take belly ring out also

wedding rings on or off? off :( but i have replaced with a bigger ring)

happy or moody? bit of both 

looking forward to? seeing my mum soon.


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