Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Pregnancy Tag

I came across this Pregnancy Tag video while i'm just sitting around waiting for my labour to start haha as i'm 39 weeks and 5 days now and still pregnant. 

So anyone that is pregnant or has been pregnant feel free to fill this out also and tag me so i can read.


#1 How and when did you find out you were pregnant? 
I was 2 days late with my period i think my memory and i took at home pregnancy test.

#2 How did you feel? 
I had a lot of nausea and tummy cramping but was excited and overwhelmed.

#3 How old were you? 
26 still 26

#4 How did you tell your partner? 
We had planned it so when i was late it was no big surprise.

#5 Did you wait three months to tell people? why/why not
We told Direct family members straight away and the rest at 12 weeks.

#6 is this your first?
No i have a 2year 7month old little boy.

#7 Do you want more? 
No, this will be our last.

#8 Your biggest craving? 
I hate to say but coffee.

#9 What's the best part of being pregnant?
the movements and kicks.

#10 whats the worst part of being pregnant? 
this week!! waiting for labour to start.

#11 Will you find out gender? what do you prefer?
Yes we are having a little boy. i don't prefer either but i was happy with having two boys.

#12 do you have names picked out? and what are the stories behind them?
yes his name is picked out his first name is just a name we both liked with a unique way of spelling and we have chosen 2 middle names which is one grandfathers name and one great grandfathers name.

#13 whats your birth plan?
to be as natural as possible, but with saying that i am booked to be induced if i can't go into labour naturaly by next Friday which will make me 41 weeks.

#14 Will you breastfeed? Yes but only for a couple of weeks because of my medication.

#15 Do you plan to work or stay at home?
i'm currently a stay at home mom so i will continue with that.

#16 Will you make your own baby food? 
yes i made my own with Ry so ill definitely be doing it with baby #2

#17 Do you have nursery ideas/themes? 
yes our nursery is all set up and decorated into a sailer theme i will have photos posted after i come home from hospital and all our visitors have left.