Thursday, 7 May 2015

39 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I really didn't think i was going to make it 39 week i was sure i was going to go into labour early but here i am updating you on my 39 weeks :( oh well only one more week hopefully.

I'm all packed my house is pretty much perfectly clean i don't think there is any think else i could possibly clean.

So for symptoms this week i have been having a lot of stretching and pulling pains but thats all normal my lower back has been hurting well aching but nothing to bad.
The last two days it feels like I've pulled a muscle "down there" in that area and its been quiet painful when i walk or move around so that hasn't been fun.

baby is head down and is leaning right on my cervix so that hurts when he moves it feels like a ver very dull labour pain so when he does push down i get little excited to hope it is the actual thing.

How far along? 39 weeks today

Total weight gain? 110kgs

Maternity Clothes? i am living in gym pants, maternity shorts and dresses

Stretch marks? lots and lots

Sleep? i am up 3 times a night to use bathroom as well as just lying there staring at the roof

Best Moment this week? when my dr said that baby was in perfect position for labour and we hope to see you in the next couple of days!! that was last monday :(

Miss anything? being able to fit into clothes.

Cravings? no cravings

Movements? lots and lots

Queasy or sick? no neither

Labour signs? cervix stretching

Gender? Boy

Symptoms? belly, movements, labour signs.

Belly button in or out? out.

Wedding rings on or off? off :(

Happy or moody? both mostly moody

Looking forward to? mothers day on Sunday.