Thursday, 23 April 2015

37 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Wow officially full term today, can't believe i made it.
I only have 3 weeks left, can you believe that, this pregnancy has gone so quick, but it does feel like at the moment I'm waiting all day all night for something to happen, as soon as i have a contraction feeling I'm like is this it? 

I'm on to weekly midwife appointments now so every Tuesday i have to make my way into the hospital to have a five minute appointment for them to tell me that everything is fine and we will see you next week.

Braxton Hicks contractions seem to be getting a lot stronger and more frequent but nothing to worry about. i'm having to use the bathroom a lot more this week during the night i think i go 3/4 a night which can be a pain some nights.

i have packed all my bags and most of the house is cleaned haha so i'm definitely ready for this little guy to come into this world but something is telling me that its going to be there till after its due date.
i had this feeling the whole way along that i was going to go early and now that I've got 3 weeks left something is telling me that i'm going to go over. but we will see what happens. i will keep you updated on Twitter @MummysVenture

Heart Burn has seem to stop this week which is such a relief when your trying to sleep.

oh and baby is still head down!!

How Far Along? 37 weeks

Total Weight Gain? 14kg 100kgs

Maternity Clothes? No

Stretch Marks? to many to tell if i have new ones

Sleep? Not Enough

Best Moment this Week? getting my hair done yesterday

Miss anything? cold whether back home

Movements? They have slowed down

cravings? don't get them

queasy or sick? neither

Labour signs? strong braxton hicks

Gender? Boy

Symptoms? tummy bump, contractions, movement and kicks

belly button in or out? out

wedding rings on or off? off

happy or moody? both

looking forward to 3 weeks going very fast :)