Monday, 19 October 2015

5 Month Baby And Life Update

So it has been 5 months since my last post, Since then i have had a new baby boy Jaiden, He is amazingly beautiful he's giggling and smiling and rolling over and starting to get up on all fours to the crawling position which is exciting for his big brother.

JB (nickname) has now started solid food he has farix (baby rice cereal ) for breakfast, fruit for lunch and vegatables for dinner and he is absolutly loving every mouth full.

he sleeps from 9pm till 4am overnight not ideal but it works.

As for the how he came into this world it was a very scary and exciting day all in one.
i woke up in the morning and started to have very light contraction which where just not going away, we called hospital they told be to come in and they would check it out so we packed the car and made our way in and they told me i was not even dilated at all they said i could stay or go home so off we went back home and had some lunch.

The next couple of hours they where starting to become a lot stronger but not enough to be in pain so we called again and they said to come in, we went it they said i was not dilated at all, and as soon as the nurse finished checking how dilated i was (if you have ever had that done.... its not nice) i really needed to use the bathroom, as soon as i sat on the toiled all this blood came rushing out i screaming lucky my husband was there helping me he got the nurse and she said its ok its just so spotting you'll be ok, i stood up for her and lets just say she yelled pressed some button the next i know i was in a room pushing out a baby all within a matter of 20 minutes of parking the car walking in getting checked for dilation and having a baby in my arms. IT WAS CRAZY!!!!

my placenta had erupted and the baby had gone into destress and his heart rate had dropped crazy amounts so if i wasn't in the hospital when that had happened i would have not had a baby today, so we are god dam very lucky.

As for my body it is still feeling it everyday, but hey it will get better.

JB was born a healthy 3.5 kg and how weights a huge 8.5kg 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

40 Weeks Pregnant

I am officially full term today and have made it to the 40 week mark, i cannot believe how quick this whole pregnancy has gone, it definitely does not feel like 40 weeks.

I have been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions but nothing to get excited about, that's really all my symptoms this week definitely having a lot of discharge and pressure down there but that's all normal for this stage and baby is still moving heaps sometimes it seams i haven't felt him move for a while but i give him a little push and off he goes haha.

I have an appointment on Tuesday with the midwife but hopefully i don't have to make it that far and baby come this weekend or even today!!

Happy Thinking!!

How Far Along? 40 weeks today

Maternity Clothes? just dresses and trackies and scarfs as its getting cold here now.

Stretch Marks? plenty!!!

Sleep? hardly any.

Best Moment This Week? reaching 40 weeks!!

Miss Anything? missing the country life

Movements? yes but not as strong anymore

Cravings? never really had them.

Queasy or Sick? neither

Gender? Boy

Labour Signs? braxton hicks 

Symptoms? contractions, belly, movements.

Belly Button in or out? out

Wedding Rings on or off? off

Happy or Moody? moody 

Looking Forward Too? labour to start and finish.


( p.s hopefully there won't be a 41 week update )

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Pregnancy Tag

I came across this Pregnancy Tag video while i'm just sitting around waiting for my labour to start haha as i'm 39 weeks and 5 days now and still pregnant. 

So anyone that is pregnant or has been pregnant feel free to fill this out also and tag me so i can read.


#1 How and when did you find out you were pregnant? 
I was 2 days late with my period i think my memory and i took at home pregnancy test.

#2 How did you feel? 
I had a lot of nausea and tummy cramping but was excited and overwhelmed.

#3 How old were you? 
26 still 26

#4 How did you tell your partner? 
We had planned it so when i was late it was no big surprise.

#5 Did you wait three months to tell people? why/why not
We told Direct family members straight away and the rest at 12 weeks.

#6 is this your first?
No i have a 2year 7month old little boy.

#7 Do you want more? 
No, this will be our last.

#8 Your biggest craving? 
I hate to say but coffee.

#9 What's the best part of being pregnant?
the movements and kicks.

#10 whats the worst part of being pregnant? 
this week!! waiting for labour to start.

#11 Will you find out gender? what do you prefer?
Yes we are having a little boy. i don't prefer either but i was happy with having two boys.

#12 do you have names picked out? and what are the stories behind them?
yes his name is picked out his first name is just a name we both liked with a unique way of spelling and we have chosen 2 middle names which is one grandfathers name and one great grandfathers name.

#13 whats your birth plan?
to be as natural as possible, but with saying that i am booked to be induced if i can't go into labour naturaly by next Friday which will make me 41 weeks.

#14 Will you breastfeed? Yes but only for a couple of weeks because of my medication.

#15 Do you plan to work or stay at home?
i'm currently a stay at home mom so i will continue with that.

#16 Will you make your own baby food? 
yes i made my own with Ry so ill definitely be doing it with baby #2

#17 Do you have nursery ideas/themes? 
yes our nursery is all set up and decorated into a sailer theme i will have photos posted after i come home from hospital and all our visitors have left.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

39 Weeks Pregnancy Update

I really didn't think i was going to make it 39 week i was sure i was going to go into labour early but here i am updating you on my 39 weeks :( oh well only one more week hopefully.

I'm all packed my house is pretty much perfectly clean i don't think there is any think else i could possibly clean.

So for symptoms this week i have been having a lot of stretching and pulling pains but thats all normal my lower back has been hurting well aching but nothing to bad.
The last two days it feels like I've pulled a muscle "down there" in that area and its been quiet painful when i walk or move around so that hasn't been fun.

baby is head down and is leaning right on my cervix so that hurts when he moves it feels like a ver very dull labour pain so when he does push down i get little excited to hope it is the actual thing.

How far along? 39 weeks today

Total weight gain? 110kgs

Maternity Clothes? i am living in gym pants, maternity shorts and dresses

Stretch marks? lots and lots

Sleep? i am up 3 times a night to use bathroom as well as just lying there staring at the roof

Best Moment this week? when my dr said that baby was in perfect position for labour and we hope to see you in the next couple of days!! that was last monday :(

Miss anything? being able to fit into clothes.

Cravings? no cravings

Movements? lots and lots

Queasy or sick? no neither

Labour signs? cervix stretching

Gender? Boy

Symptoms? belly, movements, labour signs.

Belly button in or out? out.

Wedding rings on or off? off :(

Happy or moody? both mostly moody

Looking forward to? mothers day on Sunday.


Thursday, 30 April 2015

38 Weeks Pregnant

Ok Mr you are welcome to come and see the world now i'm ready we are all ready haha.

38 weeks today i'm sitting while its poring with rain (nothing unusual for a Friday) thinking that all the washing is done all the bags are packed the groceries are all done, Ry is at day care so today would be a perfect day for this little guy to come into this world!! ( but hey thats a one realistic world).

This week i have been feeling well, Ry has had the flu so i got little bit of it but nothing to bad, I've also had this crazy heart burn back this week which comes only at night time and turns so bad.
still not sleeping, i'm having to use the bathroom 3/4 times a night which drives me nuts and i'm sure it drives my husband crazy haha.

I'm trying to find a present for my husband for when baby is born any ideas let me know?

baby is still kicking away but is engaged which is good and my tummy has dropped alot, i'm also getting a lot of pulling and stretching pain "down there".

That would be all the symptoms I've been getting this week.

How Far Along? 38 weeks

Total Weight Gain? 102kgs

Maternity Clothes? no new ones 

stretch marks? plenty. but they will go away after birth happened with Ry

sleep? not enough

best moment this week? hasn't been one :(

miss anything? coffee

Cravings? coffee haha but i can't have it

movements? slowing down

queasy or sick? neither

labour signs? just stretching and pulling pains

gender? BOY!!!

Symptoms? my big pregnant belly haha

Belly button in or out? it has popped 

wedding rings on or off? are off :( but I've replaced with bigger rings

happy or moody? very angry for some reason

looking forward too? this all be done and finished!!!