Thursday, 30 April 2015

38 Weeks Pregnant

Ok Mr you are welcome to come and see the world now i'm ready we are all ready haha.

38 weeks today i'm sitting while its poring with rain (nothing unusual for a Friday) thinking that all the washing is done all the bags are packed the groceries are all done, Ry is at day care so today would be a perfect day for this little guy to come into this world!! ( but hey thats a one realistic world).

This week i have been feeling well, Ry has had the flu so i got little bit of it but nothing to bad, I've also had this crazy heart burn back this week which comes only at night time and turns so bad.
still not sleeping, i'm having to use the bathroom 3/4 times a night which drives me nuts and i'm sure it drives my husband crazy haha.

I'm trying to find a present for my husband for when baby is born any ideas let me know?

baby is still kicking away but is engaged which is good and my tummy has dropped alot, i'm also getting a lot of pulling and stretching pain "down there".

That would be all the symptoms I've been getting this week.

How Far Along? 38 weeks

Total Weight Gain? 102kgs

Maternity Clothes? no new ones 

stretch marks? plenty. but they will go away after birth happened with Ry

sleep? not enough

best moment this week? hasn't been one :(

miss anything? coffee

Cravings? coffee haha but i can't have it

movements? slowing down

queasy or sick? neither

labour signs? just stretching and pulling pains

gender? BOY!!!

Symptoms? my big pregnant belly haha

Belly button in or out? it has popped 

wedding rings on or off? are off :( but I've replaced with bigger rings

happy or moody? very angry for some reason

looking forward too? this all be done and finished!!!