Wednesday, 15 April 2015

36 Weeks Pregnant

This week has gone super quick, I can clearly remember writing last weeks 35 week update and thinking omg the next 5 weeks is going to go so slow but maybe I was wrong, hopefully it keeps going this quick and this little guy comes out soon!!

I have been getting a lot of braxton hicks these last 2 days sometimes they are stronger then others but they are nothing too bad. 

I've also been very out of breath and finding I'm having to take a lot more brakes a lot quicker and I cant stand up for to long now. Which sucks when you have a 2 year old already who will not let you sit down for too long.

I'm pretty sure baby is head down now but I have a ultra sound tomorrow so I will find out then and update you guys.

I'm also finding i'm still very tired all the time as well as hungry all the time I can eat a full meal and still be hungry straight after, and sleep well i'm using the bathroom 3 times a night so I'm not getting much sleep then my little 2 year doesn't like to nap during the day so I have to be up to him all day. 

How far along? 36 weeks today

Total weight gain? 13kg's / 99kg's

Maternity clothes? no

Stretch marks? yes too many

Sleep? Not enough

Best moments this week? Haven't had one?!?!

miss anything? Being able to breath probley

Movements? Have slowed down but still very strong

cravings? no don't get them.

queasy or sick? no

labour signs? no just braxton hicks

gender? Boy

symptoms? belly, kicks and movements, stretching and pulling

belly button in or out? out and had to take belly ring out also

wedding rings on or off? off :( but i have replaced with a bigger ring)

happy or moody? bit of both

looking forward to? These 4 weeks going very fast.