Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lifestyle Wednesday - My Birthday

My Birthday

On Friday it was my birthday, Since I've just moved to a new town and a new state all my family and friends are so far away so I just got to spend the day with my favourite little man, while my favourite big man...ha ha... was at work.

We also had a plumber here all day (well all week) because our new house had a cracked pipe in the bathroom, which was not fun. I was in the shower last week and the bathroom started to flood. Yay... 

This is the hole in my bathroom after the plumbers have been jackhammering and taken the cracked pipes away. They have been back and fixed the pipes.

So now they just have to bed it, tiles and the toilet back and hopefully its back to brand new.

So that was not a nice birthday present I wanted.

But I did get a beautiful present from my hubby.

Isn't that beautiful, I love it so much! 
I also received a massive bunch of chocolates from my little man and heaps of gift vouchers for different stores and just some cash.

And my mummy got me a sewing machine, so keep an eye out ill be doing sewing blogs soon ha ha. My other sewing machine died so i really needed one.

Oh i also got some make up some jewellery and slippers.

Yeah i got spoilt.

And my husband bought me an icecream cake, which i think our little man enjoyed more than us ha ha.

We couldn't find any candles so I didn't get candles this year. But. Oh well I think I'm old enough now.

This weekend we done more gardening and took our little man for his 12 month injections, it was daddy's turn to hold him this time because I've done it every other time, we where worried he was going to scream and jump up because he hates sitting still for to long but the doctor went 1,2,3 look at this purple dragon and put the needle in and he didn't even realise. It was weird!!! So we where so happy with him!

Our gardens are pretty much finished, well not really we still have to plant a couple more plants and lay all the river rock then we are done. ( out the back anyway.) Once we are finished out the back we will do the front, i think we are going to make a new garden out the front which will chance the look of the house, which i want. I want to put my stamp on the house.