Sunday, 15 June 2014

Adventure Sunday - Big Boy

My little boy is not a little boy anymore :(
We had got him a single bed a couple of months ago and its been set up in his room for him just to play on and read his books on and just get used to the idea if the bed.
Last Saturday when we put him down for his nap in his cot about 20 minutes later his bedroom door opened and out he came, I screamed "OMG how did you get out" but yes he had learnt he could climb out, so that night was such a fun night he kept climbing out every half an hour until 4am the next morning.
So the next night we both decided that we would put him in his "big boys bed" and see how he goes, Because we have tiles in our bedrooms and its cot is quite high. He went to bed at 7pm and didn't move till 7am the next morning and has been doing that every night since, so proud of him!!!
Today we packed up the cot, we gave him a screw driver to help and he loved that.



No more Little Baby :(