Wednesday, 9 July 2014

50 Facts Tag

1. 5' 9 inches, I was always the tall one at school but now I just feel like im an average size.
2. I have a size 10 foot :(
3. frangipani is my favourite flower
4. the beach and beach is my favourite holiday destination
5. I love any type of market, like fruit and veg market to just peoples junk haha
6. im obsessed with home and away (TV drama )
7. I love all 90's music
8. I bruise like a peace.
9. I don't drink alcohol.
10. my bedroom wall was covered in posters of Hanson as a child, now i cannot stand there music haha
11. im not a morning person unless I have a coffee straight up
12. I really want to go to Italy.
13. I have only been to 3 other country's
14. my very first job was at a pizzeria
15. I hate capsicum
16. I hate any insects or anything that fly's or moves
17. I have epilepsy
18. I pretty much live in tracksuit pant unless im leaving the house
19 I don't have a license
20 im a natural blonde
21 I've never broken a bone
22 I don't like clubbing
23 I don't drink soft drink
24 my parents are still together
25 I have 1 brother
26 I hate heights
27 I cant eat anything with preservatives
28 im obsessed with instagram
29 I love thunderstorms
30 I have my bully button pieced
31 I prefer Samsung over apple
32 I have been with my husband 10 and a half years
33 I love chocolate
34 I have an addiction to shopping online
35 I support gay rights 100%
36 I have anxiety
37 I have a 2 year old
38 I love cookies and cream ice cream
39 im really wanting a tattoo
40 I use baby wipes for everything
41 I have an addiction to scarfs in winter
42 I hate grocery shopping
43 I have been on a cruise and hated it
44 I have a fear of using public restrooms
45 I love taking photos
46 I live in thongs (flip flops)
47 I've been in to many planes to count
48 my favourite colours is teal
49 I love spring weather
50 I cant live without my dry shampoo