Thursday, 12 March 2015

31 Weeks Pregnancy Update

31 weeks, less then 9 weeks to go, excited but also nervous because my main little man is still sick and i'm still trying to get on top of his sickness and rashes before or new little guy arrives, so then it all becomes a nice smooth transition as well as if im in hospital for the week. But I know it will all come together.
This week I have been feeling well other than getting uncomfortable when bending over or standing for to long, just little things like that. I've noticed my feet are alittle swollen but not too much to worry about just yet, My tummy has also become really hairy haha, it defently must be a hormonal thing because I remember getting it with my first pregnancy, it defently doesn't look very nice.
my hair and skin has become very oily this week, I cannot keep makeup on my skin because the oil just seeps through which is total gross I know but I have to carry a powder around with my and touch it up every half hour if I need to wear makeup, but lucky im a stay at home mummy so I can get away with not wearing makeup all week.
I've had crazy intergestion and heart burn the last two days which totally sucks, its starting to come good now though.  
I have my husbands grandparents coming to stay next weekend for 5days so that's going to be fun, so its cleaning and getting things ready this weekend.
How Far Along? 31 weeks today
Total Weight Gain? 96kg it seems i'm putting on 1kg a week
Maternity Clothes? no new ones.
Stretch Marks? my old ones seem to be showing alot more from first pregnancy

Sleep? toddler has been sick this week so not much sleep.
Best moment this week? ???
Miss Anything? living in the country
Movement? yes so much
Food Cravings? No I didn't have them with first pregnancy
Queasy or Sick? no been a good week
Gender? a little boy
Labour signs? no labour signs but Braxton hicks
symptoms? tiredness, kicks from baby, tummy bump,
bellybutton in or out? In, about to pop
Wedding rings on or off? on (I have had to take off my toe rings tho)
happy or moody? moody
looking forward to? this pregnancy being over haha