Friday, 3 May 2013

Mummy Monday - Day In The Life

Day In The Life....

6:30am The alarm goes off for my husband to get up to get ready 
for work, I stay in longer till he's had his shower, and is ready for the day.

6:45am Coffee time, my husband and I have coffee together before the little man 
wakes up in the morning.

7am Little man wakes up, and its time for nappy change.

7:15am Cuddles with daddy before he's off to work.

745am daddy is off to work

8am bottle time

8:30am play time

9:45am breakfast time

9:50am nappy change

10am house cleaning and laundry

11:55am nappy change

12pm bottle time, then little man will fall asleep on his bottle for a nap.
(Times change every day, 10 Min's to 2 hours)

1pm I have lunch and check emails and all social media

2pm little man wakes from nap

2:05pm nappy change

2:15am little mans lunch time
 (usually alot earlier depends on how long he sleeps for)

3pm play outside time, while I take the washing of the line

3:55pm nappy change

4pm bottle time

4:30pm check the letterbox and work out what to have for dinner

5pm daddy's home

530pm little mans dinner time

6pm bath time with daddy
(I start cooking our tea)

7pm read a book, bottle and bed

Then its dinner for us clean up and bed by 10pm all to do it the next day