Sunday, 5 May 2013

10 Month Baby Update

Cannot believe our little man is 10 months old today, wow it has gone so quick.

Weight: 9280gm

Length: 72cm

Head: 45cm

Wow our little guy has become a little man this month, he's defiantly not a baby anymore :'(
He's off and crawling at a 100 miles an hour, he's pulling himself up onto anything that will hold his weight, but only the last two days I have noticed that he is starting to stand while holding his own weight just for a second or two, which is exciting, so it defiantly can't be to long till he takes his first steps. Yay it's so exciting we can't wait.

He's having his 4 bottles a day still, and 3 meals he has cereal for breakfast about 4 tablespoons, some sliced fruit for a snack late in the morning. Lunch is some mashed fruit about 4 tablespoons, some dried fruit and custard for afternoon tea and for dinner meat or chicken and veg but that can defiantly all change depending on how he's feeling on the day weather he has a tooth coming through or he's eaten to much the day before or he's just tired.

He loves Thomas The Tank Engine, we have a TV recorder and we have recorded some episodes so Thomas The Tank Engine and The Hive, he loves it, he have got a one or two of Sesame Street but as we live in Australia we don't really want to encourage the language.

He has two bottom middle teeth, which I must say are totally cute, he is getting his top left tooth at the moment which is giving him some pain, but nothing to crazy he's still sleeping all night. Thank god. :) he goes to bed around 6:30pm and wakes the next morning around 7am so defiantly can't complain he has been doing that routine since around 3 months. He does wake about 8:30pm every night just for a quick cuddle, then straight back to sleep, not sure why, but its become our little thing he does. I'm pretty sure it's because he falls asleep on the bottle out in the lounge room then we put him to bed then he wakes up and doesn't realise where he is.

Today we took daddy to the park and the little man was loving it on the swing today he was giggling the whole time it was adorable, it's funny how in a week he wasn't quiet sure last week about the swing but today it was all smiles and giggles with daddy.

So I think by his 11 month update he will be walking!! Fingers crossed!!

Can't believe he has gone from that tinny to that big (in the pictures below) in such a short time!!