Monday, 6 May 2013

Monthly Favorite Toddler Toys

Our Little Man's Favorite Toys
(At the moment)

So as we are moving we have a couple of toy boxes We have one in the lounge room / family room and one or maybe two in his bedroom

The loungeroom one normally is in a nice wooden box and alot less messy
But since we are moving ive put some (yes some) in a plastic box so I can throw them in the car when we have to leave this house and go to the new house.


Yes thats his crazy toy box in the lounge room, there Is alot of books in the bottom of the box, hes not that spoilet haha well maybe!!

His favourite toy ever since he was around 4 months Is the BRIGHT STARS musical ball

He absolutely loves it, he cannot go a day without playing with the ball, he bangs it and giggles if raddles it loud enough. Best toy for baby's to make music and feel different texters.

Next toy would be the FISHER PRICE train, it has carriages but i think ive packed them.
This train keeps him occupied for hours as hes in love with wheels any type of wheel at the moment. 

The colours are great and I love how you can turn the sound up and down and even off haha.

BRIGHT STARS table Is great, Is great It tort our little man to stand up for the first time, he loves standing there holding onto It watching his shows.


I love that the sounds arent repetitive and they are catchy and make you want to sing along, the one bad thing Is it tips over alittle to easy so our little man can fall backwards which sucks and hurts him.

His favourite plush toys are his singing shapes Elmo and his Giggle And Hoot Owl

He sometimes has naps during the day with them and he has conversations which is totally cute. They always put a smile on his face.

So there probley his favourites at the moment. I might start doing a monthly toy favourite to let you guys know what his favourites are each month.