Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lifestyle Wednesday - Moved House

We have finally moved into our new house.
We have got our house all unpacked now its just at the stage of working out where we put everything and organsing all the cupboards (the fun stage ).
Our little man wasn't effected by the move, the first thing we did when we got here was build his room so it was to look the same as the last house, we do want to change some things but gradually we will do that. Cannot beleive he will be 11 months next week this month has gone so quick, ill update you on his progress in his monthly update.
My husband went back to work today after having 5 days off to move so that was nice and very helpful for me because there was no way I could have moved with our little man while he was working.
Its so quiet at our new house before we lived on a main road which was so loud now its so quiet you want to make noise ha ha.
Well ill keep you updated and check out for 11 month update, soon it will be a first birthday :)