Tuesday, 4 June 2013

11 Month Baby Update

Only one month to go to the big first birthday, Can't believe a year ago I was sitting here starting to pack my bags for the hospital and thinking come on baby hurry up and come out all ready ha ha.
 Now he's a month from being a year old. Wow how time flies.
Weight: 10kg
Height: 77.5cm
Head: 45.5cm
Noticed this month he has been real cuddly, he is teething, so I know he's in pain but he usually hates cuddles for too long but the last couple of weeks he'll let you just sit and cuddle for ages which is nice.
He's started saying alot more gooing and garring mostly he can say mummy and daddy but no other words yet (English words anyway ha ha)
He's transferring his self from all furniture now and getting very quick at that. He can stand on his own unsupported but wont take any steps yet unsupported.
He's eating all the same as last month eating more snacks and water.
He's enjoying his new house.
Tonight is State Of Origin Rugby League so GO QLD