Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Baby May Favourites 2013

Baby May Favourites 2013

This month has been all about wheels anything thing that moves.
Cars, trucks, doors, books anything that opens and closes.

Hes loving his Vtech bike, he cant sit on it by himself yet but he stands on his own and pushes the buttons. The sounds and fun and it teaches him the Alphabet and counting. So its a great toy.

The Fisher Price StoryBook Rymes he loves he used tonplay on my phone and ipad when he would get bored in the car or just want to relax at home and have a rest from playing with his toys so when I seen this book I had to get so he was not on my ipad and phone anymore and his way its more inreractive. Love this would recommend.

A little recycling truck he mostly loves the big wheels so he can spin them and it sings and song. Nothing to flash it was a cheap toy.

And we had to put a thomas the tank engine in. You push the controller down and off thomas goes. He only got this last week so  its still the new toy.

Well thats all his favourite toys this month.

Ill have my favourites up next........


( sorry my photos arent working as soon as I can get them working again ill get them up.