Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lifestyle Wednesday - First Birthday

First Birthday

So this Friday was our little man's first birthday, we had my mum (nana) and my brother (uncle) come and stay for a week, which was really special because I dont get to see them much since they all live like 5 hours away by plane.

My dad (pa) also came to stay a week before they arrived which was so great.
Then before dad it was my husbands grandparents for the weekend. So yeah its been pretty crazy around here.

Thursday night I was busy making his cake, I made just a plain chocolate cake and cut out a number one and made blue icing and used icing pens and licerish and a Thomas train and a number one to decorate. So yeah it was just a simple cake but I think it turned out alright.

Friday morning I woke up early blu up number one ballons and put a thomas the tank engine banner and blue, red and white streamers around on the table we had a blue table cloth, blue plates and blue bowls and red blue and white streamers and a thomas the tank engine and a silver number one.

Friday we went for a picknick to the beach and made sand castles and had heaps of fun and just relaxed. Then we came home and had the cake which the little man loved we think he got sugar overload because he could not stop laughing the whole time while eating it. It was hilarious and cute.

He recieved so many presents from family and friends, Ill post some photos in our july favourites tomorrow so check that out!!!

Well I think thats enough from me ill update tomorrow so talk then!!!