Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mummy Mondays - Mummy Tag

I got asked to do a mummy tag so here goes....
1. Stay at home mum or working mum?
I'm lucky to be a stay at home mummy, with my beautiful husband giving me this opportunity to stay at home with your first child.
2. Do I co-sleep?
No we never have, our little man has always slept in his cot from day one.
We don't like the risks that co-sleeping brings.
3. Number one must have for baby's? 
I would say a rocker or bouncer, there great for babies.
4. How many kids do you plan on having?
Just one more, so two all up hoping to have a girl next but if I get a boy ill be happy with 2 boys.
5. Date night, how many days per month do we have?
Umm none haha, all our family live interstate so we dont have any babysitters, but our little man goes to bed at 6pm so we get most nights to ourselves anyway.
6. Childs favourite show?
He doesnt really have one but he love Thomas the tank engine and Elmo
7. Name one thing you bought for baby but didnt end up using it?
Nothing really maybe some clothes but no items.
8. Childs favourite food?
He loves apple and vegimite toast
9. How many cars does your family have?
Just one, a 4x4 (I dont drive)
10.weight gain before, during and after pregnancy?
Just before I got pregnant I lost 10kg while I was pregnant I put on around 14kg and one year later ive lost about 9kg so im slowly lossing it but ill get there.
11. Favorite holiday with child?
To the south coast so far but there will be many more holidays to come.
12. How has life changed with kids?
So much for the better, I feel like my life has a meaning and a place on this earth now.
13. Finish this sentence. .. it makes my heart melt to see?
My little man taking his first steps
14. Where do you shop for your kids?
Mostly best and less but abit everywhere.
15. Favorite makeup and skincare?
To many to name haha I change each month also which doesnt help .
16. Huggies diaper genies yay or nah?
I dont use them so I cant really say.
17. Have you always wanted kids?
Yes always!!!
That's all