Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Adventure Sunday - Back From Holiday

So we are back from seeing my parents interstate, we had an amazing time, but because they live in a cyclone proof house I get no reception only if I walked out onto the street and to add to the for some reason my phone and iPad would not charge so I'm not sure what was going on there. I had so much planned to blog about while I was away but didn't get to because of stupid technology wouldn't charge or had no reception so I gave up.
We had a great time while my hubby was off at a convention at a different side of Australia so we where all so far apart but we did Skype a couple of times and our little man loved to see daddy on the computer it was cute he had the biggest smile and even giggled and daddy being funny!!!
We got to see some amazing sunsets on the beach (picture added) we also went to a teddy bear picnic which was adorable all the little kids and babies with there teddies. So cute.
We went one a river cruise but it was a crocodile jumping river cruise so that was fun and scary.
Done some shopping, went to heaps of markets and just swam in the pool most days because it was so hot.