Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mummy Monday - Summer Toddler OOTD

We have just returned from our holiday and as we didn't get a chance to blog while away because our computers where playing up, I thought I would do a quick update on what our little guy wore while we where away....

These are just a couple of his outfits as some are still in the wash and mostly he just wore a nappy around the house because it was so hot.

He worn this one night while we went to the pub for dinner it's a Ralph Lauren Polo size 1 shorts are from Best And Less and Shoes are from Big W.

Singlet from Best And Less
Shorts (same as above)
Thongs from Kmart

Singlet from Best And Less
Shorts from Kmart
Thongs from Kmart

singlet from Myers
Board shorts from myers

Singlet we got from a market stall while away
(Also has his name on the back)

Little bonds undies

Swim shirt
Swim undies
Both from Big W

His PJs for the week just a singlet and some little shorts.

So thats it hope you enjoyed. Any questions feel free to ask!!!