Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Epileptic Mummy

For those who read my blog (thank you) you would now know that I have a little toddler, Our little guy didn't come easy for me and my husband, it took us around 2 years to fall pregnant and alot of appointments with my neurologist to try and get the ok from him and make sure my medication was safe for a baby.
So after 2 years of trying to conceive my husband and I where starting to think that it was not going to happen naturally and we might have to look at options, but in the end we fell pregnant and after 5 yes 5 at home pregnancy test and 1 at the doctors and a blood test we where officially pregnant ha ha
I had a pretty boring pregnancy :( I never had morning sickness never had cravings had major mood swings (pore husband) and had cramping the whole way through, then I had a routine check up on my due date and they decided that they wanted to induce me so I wouldn't get to stressed so that afternoon we went in after trying to sleep all morning (which we didn't, because we where to excited ) they put the gel on and told me to sleep the night and in the morning they will give me the needle and brake my waters but at about 8pm that night I was getting really bad contractions and they took me to the ward and at 6:05am that morning our little guy was born.
So this is where ill tell you how I'm an epileptic mummy. So when I was born I had a stroke which coursed me to get 3 holes in my brain, I was seizure free till around 14/15 years of age (when I met my husband the same year) I had my first Grand Mal seizure late one night at a friends house and was put straight on anti epileptic meds it took a while to find the right ones but I'm now on the best ones I think, I've been on these ones for around 5 years they do make me abit moody and hungry, but I can deal with that I have had only ever 5 Grand Mal seizures mostly if I've had a big night or I'm extremely tired or something dramatic has happened in my life so I do have to stick to a routine.
I do suffer from myoclonic seizures usually on a weekly basis, that can really suck sometimes, when your in a social situation or just in general really.
I've learnt that different foods and drinks can set me off so I stay clear of those and playing with my phone and computer in the dark that's a big no no!
Oh I'm currently taking Topamax 50mg twice a day.
But Since having our little guy it has not effected him in anyway he is a health happy toddler and exceeding all his growth and learning skills everyday.
We can't wait to do it all over again.