Thursday, 26 September 2013

Beauty Thursday - Mummy Go To MakeUp

Hi Guys,
So recently I've been really busy always running out the door in the mornings, after getting my little toddler breakfast getting him dressed getting our puppy food making sure he's eating and making sure he's going to the toilet (TMI I know). But I've been finding I've been using only drug store (very cheap products) and well I have to say they last me all day and after running around after my little man and our little puppy. But in saying that I do still love my hi end makeup products that I have, when I'm all done up in them I fell well more dolled up and pretty and well it hard to explain, but you know what I mean. Ha ha.
So I thought I would let you guys know what I have been using when I just have to run to the shops or to a not very important meeting and I don't have time or well couldn't be bothered to pull out all my hi end makeup so my toddler can brake and take it all over the house, so I just use my drug store and even supermarket makeup and I love some of these products......
OK first is I always lather my whole face neck and arms with OLAY Moisturiser, I absolutely love this stuff I Love the smell and texture I have been using this since I was about 12 ha ha no joke my mother brought me up on this stuff also. I use it morning and night. ( you can buy from most drug stores, chemists, supermarkets.)
2. OLAY Regenerest again I love Olay products my mum has been using them all her life and she has amazing skin and she's 55 and barley has wrinkles. I got send this sample size about 12 months ago and I've been using it morning and night and ill defiantly be repurchasing this product I love it.
3. Starlet Natural Cream Coverage,  This is my favorite products of all time I know all you makeup pros out there are cringing right know but this is my most use tinted/foundation moisturiser that is great so my skin that is cheap and it blends amazing especially when you only want a light coverage when your just doing mummy ernes.
4. Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer 2 in 1 I've mentioned this before in a favorites blog I use this everyday, but I'm thinking I might get a new type soon I'm getting alittle bored with this one ha ha.
5.W7 All over powder this powder is alittle dark for me but as it is coming into summer hear I'm starting to get my tan back so its good.
6. Maybellene dream terra sun Bronzer, I only got this bronzer last week its alittle light but I'm starting to like it.
7. Maybellene Blush, I love blush I change blush each day but I seem to use this colour more. (I can do a blog about the different colours and brands I have as most of them are cheap drug store brands)
8.Maybellene masterliner Eye liner and Maybellene colosal volume express mascara sorry I've mispacled the lid for the eyeliner. Mascara I've used in a favourites blog. I also don't always use eyeliner but I defiantly always have to have mascara on, even if I don't leave the house.
9. L'Oréal Paris colour appeal trio pro shadow this seems to be my favourite smokey eye palet that I always seem to use when in a hurry. But I defiantly don't always use eye shadow.
And that's it.
So its very basic and very cheap products.