Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Toddler Favourites

This month our little man has been loving his books, we read him a story every night before bed and sometimes 2 to 4 times during the day, he will pick a book out of his room and bring to us and we will read that story to him.
He's also just loving exploring outside, playing in the gardens and water just having fun outside while we have beautiful whether.
First toy is just a colorful robot that we picked up from Kmart one Saturday when we really needed him to sit in the pram for awhile as we had alot of stuff to get done at the shops (so yes bribery,  but he hates and I mean hates sitting in the pram).
But since buying the robot he hasn't let it out of his sight ha ha.
Next is his glow worn, when he was first born we had this in his cot but he really wasn't fust and so we just put it with all his other teddies but this last month he found it in his big box and he sleeps with it he knows how to turn it on and he brings it everywhere.
Number Touch And Feel book, he loves this book, he knows where to feel and touch its cute and we read this mostly everyday. Its a great book.
And last is his Thomas book I've talked about this book before in a favorites but its still a favorite we still have to read it everyday I can nilly read it with out looking at the words ha ha. I think we might have to get a new one soon.
So that's all he hasn't really been playing much with his toys alot with his trucks as normal but mostly outside with the puppy exploring.
Have a good day