Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Beauty Thursday - October Beauty Favourites.

October Beauty favorites.
First of all, so guys I have been away for awhile, its been crazy around here with the new puppy, we have been trying to house train him as well as having the in laws here on holidays had our little guy in his first ambulance and of to hospital but that's so another day and aarrhhh I just haven't had a chance to sit down and talk to you guys so ill start off with my monthly fav's and see how I go from there.....
First of is I've been reaching for this photo finish colour Smokey eye palette, there really great colours and they seem to last all night while I'm out (for dinner) and there not too intense there just the right mummy colour ha ha. And I think I got it for $5 on clearance at a chemist (drugstore) so bonus.
Next is Maybelline new york dream nude air foam (170 nude). At first I really didn't like this I didn't give any coverage at all so I put it to the bottom of my foundation collection (I think I also got it on clearance for $10 at Cole's) then for some reason I decided to try it again but now I have worked out how to apply it I love it, it gives full coverage and I don't need setting powder its great if you have to run out the door and need to put makeup on quickly or have children that don't let you go for 5 minutes to put makeup on ha ha.
Next is Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil (002 Hazel) loving this colour I have three of these pencils all the same colour.
BA Gloss (famous) its very glittery but it leaves your lips all smooth and silky.
BA Lipstick (coral pink) its a really pretty bright coral it last along time which is great and its really pigmented.
FaceOfAustralia lipstick (malibu barbie) this is my absolute favourite for the month I've been wearing nilly every day, its really pigmented it lasts forever, it makes your lips feel amazing, I will defiantly be buying my colours.
L.A mineral Blush (after glow) I use this alot and need to buy a new one its great colour with a tan it looks shimmery in the picture but it doesn't come up on the skin.
So there my favourites for October ill have my toddler Favourites up next also so check those out too....