Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mummy Mondays - Target Toddler Clothing Haul

Hey guys, we went to the DFO today ( which is a big shopping center with all discounted stock from all the last seasons items, so you can get some stuff pretty cheap.)

So we found this Target outlet which was closing down this weekend so everything was under $10 clothes / shoes / makeup / house items. But when we got there the store had been pretty raided :( and there was people everywhere with bags full of clothes. 
But when you have a toddler in one arm and trying to push a pram in the other you really can't look through piles of clothes. 

But we did get to find heaps of little bargains for our little man that will fit him for next winter which is great because he pretty much has grown out of his winter clothes already :( hes growing so fast.

So we did abit, everything was $5 except the little shorts underneath....

These shorts where from Pumpkin Patch they where $15 but I totally had to have them. I am In love with this shop I was so excitted when I fell pregnant and couldn't wait to shop there, but I never new IT was so dear for baby clothes, dont get me wrong I still shop there but I wont buy most of his clothes from there because he only gets to wear them, no more than 5 to 10 times than he's out grown them so I dont really see the point
in paying $15 to $40 for a tshirt for a toddler or baby.

Anyway so these are my buys from Target all $5 all 12 to 18 months

Blue roll up jeans (super cute)

This shirt goes with the
blue jeans but it could be universal.

I love this shirt I
 cannot wait for him to be able to fit into it. It will be super cute.

And these are his new jeans, they have number 82 on the back pocket in so there pretty cute, since his jeans this winter he has nilly worn holes in the knee area beacause he was crawling at the start of winter. 

So thats all my buys for my little toddler hope you like any questions happy to answer any!!!