Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Toddler Monthly Favourites

This month he is still loving toys with wheels and toys with sound and that are interactive.
This absolute favorite toy at the moment is this Vtech Pull 'n Learn Phone he cannot get enough of it. When it makes the ringing noise he brings it to us and puts it to our ear (that goes on 10 times) ha-ha . It plays songs it counts and I think it was around $7 from Kmart so it was so worth it and its cheap.
The other one this month is his Leap Frog My Pal Scout, I'm pretty sure you can get these at most toy stores and department stores but we received this as a present so I cannot say where they got it from or price sorry!!! 

It's great when you first get pal you plug into your computer and put your child's name, favorite colour, favorite food, favorite song and he will sing and tell you story's and say your child's name its a cute bear for a toddler. It even has a timer for Nursery rimes so its great when he's trying to go to sleep!!!
So there's my little guys favorites for the month.