Thursday, 1 May 2014

Toddler April Favourites

Our little guys favorite toys this month, well he has sooo many toys its hard to choose,
but he seems to be mostly playing with these.... 
We got this from Target I'm not sure on the brand (sorry) it was quite pricey I think around the $80 mark we where after a big toy/item that he could play with and not brake or just fall apart like most cheap toys or car tracks which becomes really annoying.

Sing along Elmo is so cute he takes him to bed with him and Elmo will sit in his play room all day and at the end of everyday just before bed he runs and grabs Elmo to take to bed with him. ( so cute )

Mickey Mouse Club House Sing-Along Songs, this is a great book it has 10 songs we sing them probley 4 times a week, its a really colourful and addictive music book.

This was Daddy's dinosaur when he was little and now our little guy has become addicted to it also, he will play with it for hours saying rrraahhh rrraaahhh.  

Last is his Fisher Price Learn to ride bike, I think I've posted before about when we first got it, It comes with the parental bar so we can steer and a proper seat so he wont fall out.
Now we have taken it all off so he can learn to peddle of his own.