Thursday, 11 September 2014

PREGNANT 5 weeks update

So im 5 weeks pregnant today we found out last Friday, this will be our second child, where so excited. the due date is 15th May 2015.
I'm planning to be induced again on my due date that what was planned with our little guy so I'm hoping I can plan to do that with this baby just so im fully aware what's going on the whole time because as soon as I don't have control or I'm not sure what's happening my epilepsy kicks in and I end up sick for a couple of days. so I prefer not to have that happen while im pregnant.
while mentioning my epilepsy I will be staying on the same medication through out the whole pregnancy as it is such a low dosed medication and it wont affect the baby but we have chosen not to breastfeed our children as the medication is transfer through the breast milk and no one is sure of the long term affects that the medication could do to the baby long term.
but if you have breastfed on Topamax please let me now!!
How far along: 5 weeks today
Total weight gain: 87kg
height: 175cm
maternity clothes: not yet but I have been so bloated all week I look about 6 months pregnant, I might have to buy the quicker than I thought.
stretch marks: I have alot from my previse pregnancy but no new ones.
sleep: I have not been sleeping at night for some reason.
best moment this week: finding out I was pregnant
miss anything: Coffee
movement: not yet way to early.
food cravings: nothing
Queasy or sick: I have a really bad flu at the moment so its hard to tell what is pregnancy symptoms and what is flu symptoms, but I have not had morning sickness or felt nausea.
Gender: not sure yet but im pretty sure we are going to find out this time.
labour signs: way to early
Symptoms: very sore breasts and nipples
belly button in or out: in
wedding rings on or off: on
happy or moody: moody because im so sick with the flu
looking forward to: this 9 months going very quick haha