Thursday, 8 January 2015

22 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Its been a pretty quiet week this week, my husband returned to work after the Christmas break, so its just been our little guy and me all week and its been raining most days so we have been stuck inside playing cars and drawing and singing and dancing haha.
This week ive been getting alot of serve head aces. im not quiet sure what there from, I read that it is common in pregnancy but I think if it keeps going I might go to the doctors and just get it checked, better to be safe then sorry.
I have defently got my appetite back this week all I want to do is eat and when I do eat I want to eat more :( so im trying not to, i'm going to try and stock up on lots of crackers and fruit tomorrow so I can snack on healthy stuff rather then junk.
That's really all the updates I have this week its been very quiet.
How Far Along? 22 weeks

Total Weight Gain? 89kg only 1kilo this week

Maternity Clothes? yes lots ill have a blog post on Monday of everything I have bought

Stretch Marks? No new ones

Sleep? Sleeping 8hours every night but still tired all day

Best moment this week? Getting our new car

Miss Anything? coffee

Movement? can feel movement on outside of tummy now, husband felt one for first time this week

Food Cravings? No I didn't have them with first pregnancy

Queasy or Sick? no been a good week

Gender? Boy

Labour signs? no way

symptoms? tiredness, kicks from baby, tummy bump,

bellybutton in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? on

happy or moody? moody

looking forward to? Going to the beach tomorrow