Monday, 12 January 2015

Maternity Clothes Haul - ASOS / Target

Maternity Clothes Haul, mostly from ASOS a couple from Target and Kmart,
I never bought maternity clothes with my first pregnancy, well I did have one breastfeeding dress and some belly slips but that was all, so this time I thought I would spoil myself and ASOS was having a 80% off sale so hey I couldn't leave them there for that.
So first is the Blue T-shirt with a cross over back I love how this shirt fits and as im only 22 weeks I still have heaps of room to grow and I can still wear it now with out it looking like a pregnancy top.
Next is this gorgeous Maternity dress that im so in love with I cant wait to be able to wear it.
Mint green shirt I got I thought I might look ok with jeans and a scarf as im due in the winter months.

White basic long sleeve maternity top I got for the winter months its really big right now but when im like 35/40 weeks and need big clothes this will be perfect.

This dress is from Target its long but I think in winter with boots and a scarf and my leather jacket it will look amazing!!!

Basic white singlet from Target I have 2 of these I live in the pretty much everyday.

Kmart Basic Dress which is so comfy I think it was like $4 so total bargain.

and last is this Target Cotton Dress which was like $7 its not a maternity one but it has heaps of room.

so that's all my clothes so far, if I get anymore which more than likely I will ill update you then.