Sunday, 8 February 2015

Whats In My Baby Hospital Bag

This is my new Baby bag that my husband bought for me as soon as we found out we where pregnant because I never had a proper baby bag with my first child I just used my handbag as I wear tote bags so there mostly pretty big anyway, I had seen this bag and loved it so he told me while I was in Colette to just buy it and im so happy and cant wait to use it and have it hanging of my pram haha.

The bag is a Colette Hayman Baby Travel Bag, link is below i'm not quiet sure if you can get the colour anymore but they do stock a wide range of colours.

 Comes with a change mat that just slips in the back and its really cute.

Ok so for what's actually in the bag, this is the first left hand front pocket ( I have nothing in the right hand pocket yet I will be putting some cars or some sort of toys for Ry) 

I just have some dummy's or pacifiers in that front pocket, probley wont be using them in the first couple of weeks but ive just put them in there just incase.

Side of the bag has two deep pockets one side ill put a drinking bottle in for Ry just empty so its there incase.
and the other side has two receiving blankets for spit ups

Inside of the bag, it looks full but its not I can fit so much more in there.

When you open the bag you first see this big fluffy blanket which was Ry's first but he has hardly used it, mostly just sat on his rocking chair for decorations.

second is this cute baby blue cot blanket.

then I also have 4 muslin wraps, for breastfeeding or for wrapping baby and just lots of things.

I have 3 000 suits and 1 0000 suit just incase the little guy comes out small but I mostly have 000 because Ry fitted straight into 000 as he was 3.5kg

 Ok I have 2 000 2 0000 and 1 00000 just incase you never know.
it will just be going into winter here so its going to be cool at night but nice days so its abit hard to tell on what to pack yet.

I have 3 0000 singlets but I think I need to get some more.

I have this jumper for going home I just need to get some little pants to go with it.

this is in size 000

I have 2 hats but i'm going to get some blue ones just for photos
I have 2 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of shoe socks
and 3 pairs of mittens

and last but not least is nappies I have 30 nappies in my bag

oh and can't forget the wipes!!

If I've forgotten anything or have over packed something please let me know!!!