Thursday, 5 February 2015

26 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Only 98 days to go wow that seems like a long time. Im defently feeling pregnant this week, its hard to bend down and stand up after sitting down and my lower back is starting to hurt alot but hey that's all fun of being pregnant.
We have nilly completed the nursery, we have a couple things just to finish off and then I will show you guys, hopefully next week.
Ry and I have both been sick with the flu this week which hasn't been fun for the little guy because he wants to run around and play but he just has no energy, he has got this really bad cough that gets really bad at night time and when he goes to bed he cant go to sleep even though he's so exhausted because he just cannot stop coughing, so that's been really annoying.
other then that nothing else to update on.
How Far Along? 26 weeks
Total Weight Gain? 92kg
Maternity Clothes? no new ones.
Stretch Marks? no new ones just old ones

Sleep? is the same as normal about 6 hours of unbroken sleep
Best moment this week? probley today just having a day of rest
Miss Anything? cold weather
Movement? yes so much
Food Cravings? No I didn't have them with first pregnancy
Queasy or Sick? no been a good week
Gender? a little boy
Labour signs? ive had Braxton hicks for about 2 weeks now
symptoms? tiredness, kicks from baby, tummy bump,
bellybutton in or out? In, about to pop
Wedding rings on or off? on
happy or moody? moody
looking forward to? this pregnancy being over haha