Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Toddler Favourites

Our little guys been alittle spoilt this month as we are not going to be home for christmas and we are flying to see family its alittle hard to take presents with us. So we have been buying presents, we where planning on having a christmas before we left but everytime we bought something we where like lets just see if he likes it or not haha.
So first is his Fisher Price Letter Box (everymorning we put a letter in there and he loves it)
Second is his new cubby play house this was his big present for christmas he loves it, he would play in there all day if he could!
Next is his new scuttle bug trike, he is learning to use this everyday, its going to be great to pack in our luggage to take on holidays with us.
And well last would just be his new friend his puppy is his favorite toy and thing he could have come across so far.