Monday, 9 December 2013

Toddler Summer Icypoles

Summer Toddler icepoles. 
Great for home or travel...

So I started off with heaps of fruit but only used about half because my toddler wanted me to read a book and would not let me make thwm anymore.

I started with.

1kg granny smith apples

1kg red delicious apples

1kg bananas

10 kiwi fruits

1kg oranges

1kg pears

I peel and core all apples and pears

Then dice them all up and place In blender until all smooth and has no lumps

Then fill your icypole containers that you can pick up at most cheap stores like bigw targer kmart etc etc or i use or refillable satchels with are great for travelingling or the weekend when out and about.