Sunday, 1 December 2013

November Update

Cannot believe it's nilly December, Christmas and year years, decorations and presents, holidays and lollies and way to much food and alcohol its an amazing month.
My mom is coming to spend a week with us before we all travel down to see all our extended family, I'm so excited about, we weren't going to go and then at last minute we decided why not and I can't wait.
Our little puppy will be going on his first holiday too, he'll be going to this first holiday resort aarrhh I'm scared about that, because he's a big sook but I know he'll be fine.
So November has been an eventful month, we have had storms nilly 3 times a week we had a really bad one last week with hale the size of golf balls and yeah our car was out in it. $7000 damage but lucky we have insurance so that's ok.
Puppy got his first hair cut and he looks like a little rat now ha ha he's so soft to touch and cute.
Our little man is learning new words ever day 1, 2, 3 is his new and favourite thing to say and hes starting to enjoy fruit again which I'm so happy about.
I've been on a cleaning spree this week cleaning out cupboards and getting ready for my mum to come. I always do this I think because my mums house is so perfect and clean I have to prove to my mum that I live the same ha ha I'm not sure why. (But hey I do live clean just not clean like her, you know because I have a toddler ha ha).
This weekend is the 1st December so its Christmas tree time I'm scared to put it up because our toddler and puppy are going to go nuts with it there going to pull it all off and chew it and its just arrrhh I can see it before even going there so we will try and see what happens.