Thursday, 23 October 2014

11 Weeks Pregnancy Update

11 Weeks today, 2 more weeks and the first trimester is over, Yes cannot wait.
I have my first real ultra sound next week so that's really exciting, we have been able to see the heart beat early on but that's it so it will be exciting to be able to see the baby, not sure if they can tell the gender this early on but we will see how we go otherwise we will just have to keep waiting.
I still have nausea but not as strong, its mostly in the mornings and late at night.
I have not got my appetite back its still very minimal food which is good im liking it, hopefully it can stay that way but yeah right, it wont work like that. ill be eating like a horse in no time.
TMI - ive been having crazy constipation this week which hurts so much, I know its just a pregnancy thing and I did have it with my first pregnancy but im pretty sure not this bad, So hopefully that fixes its self pretty soon.
How Far Along? 11 Weeks today
Total Weight Gain? still the same weight yay 86kgs, that's because im not eating but it looks like ive put on 10 kgs because im so bloated.
Height? same
Maternity Clothes? I bought some Maternity Belly Band belts, I used them last pregnancy and they where great I could still wear all my everyday clothes like jeans and shorts I would just put the extender belt on and cover with the belly band belts and it all worked fine, but for some reason I have missed placed the ones I had for my last pregnancy so I had to order some new ones and I come across this eBay store that sells them at a very cheap price, and great quality, I also received a free packet of baby wipes and a nappy just for buying off there shop, so that was pretty amazing.
so when this little peanut is born ill defently be checking out alot of there products, Can't wait now!!
Go check them out, you might find something you like they are 100% organic and eco friendly.
Stretch marks? No new ones but have been getting alot of red dots on my old ones.
Sleep? haven't been sleeping that well this week due to toilet issue.
Best Moment This Week? I got my new phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, im in love with it.
Miss Anything? stop feeling nauses
Movement? can feel little flutters
Food Cravings? none
Queasy or sick? queasy
Gender? nope
Labour Signs? defently not
Belly Button In or Out? in
Symptoms? nausea, constipation, loss of appetite, tired during day. 
Wedding Rings On or Off? On
Happy or Moody? Both still
Looking Forward To? Picking my little guy at this afternoon from school.