Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Tag

Halloween Tag.
In Australia we do not celebrate Halloween like they do in other country's, with saying that alot of kids still dress up and go trick or treating but there are no houses decorated and parents do not get involved, well some do, I can only remember ever being allowed to go trick or treating twice as a child because my parents where so against it because it was not an Australian thing to do.
So with saying that I came across this Halloween tag and thought I would get involved in all the fun.
hope you guys enjoy and please I tag you guys to reply.
What is your favourite Halloween movie?
Saw and Paranormal Activity I like any horror movie at the end of the day.
If you where in a horror movie, How far would you get?
Well I probley wouldn't run upstairs when there's someone in the house I would get a knife run outside and get in the car and drive away hahaha if only it was that easy I would probley be dead first because I would have to find all the kids and the dog and make sure there safe first haha
What is your Favourite memory of Halloween?
Last year we went to a Halloween parade and it was so much fun that this year we will be going again tomorrow night.
Best / worst Halloween costume?
 Ive only ever dressed up once for Halloween and I was a fairy.
How do you get into the Halloween spirit?
The children in our street all trick or treat so we have baked cookies and bought so much lollies. Then tomorrow night we will be going to a Halloween parade theme park night.
Favourite Halloween Decoration?
The pumpkins the just to cute.
Name one unusual thing your afraid of?
oh god im afraid of everything, from snakes, heights, dark, spiders, child's poo haha,
Vampires or zombies?
Vampire's, you can make yourself look like one and kind of just blend in.
Werewolves or ghosts?
ghosts, then you cant see them and they cant harm you.
Creepy dolls or creepy clowns?
Dolls, you can just smash them on the ground and hopefully kill them.

Do you believe in ghosts?
Ghosts? not sure, spirits and that kind of thing, well I believe there's something out there.