Thursday, 27 November 2014

16 Weeks Pregnancy Update

4 months pregnant guys, arrhh going so quick, Ive got my in-laws staying at the moment mmm deep breaths haha no there not to bad. but once there gone we can start cleaning out that room because that will be our nursery so I'm alittle bit excited about that because then our little guy can help set it all up and be apart of the process I think we will get into that the week after Christmas after we are back from my parents house.
We are going to paint the cot because our little guy really went for it on the rails with his teething, when he was in the cot, so there's alot of teeth marks in the rails but we will paint it and put some rubber rail covers over it so the new baby can't eat the paint.
We are also going to paint the rocking chair white as its brown and it just didn't suit the room last time since the cot is white I just want it all to match and be perfect this time around.
16 weeks I have been feeling pretty good this week, I have been very tired and its very lucky that our little guy has decided he wanted to start napping during the day again so ive been getting to have a sleep during the day.
I've kind of got my appetite back, during the day I find myself hungry all the time but when it comes to dinner time I'm not hungry at all and I can only eat half my meal so maybe next week i'll have it back completely, we'll see.
There's no real other problems been getting accessional pain in my lower abdomen, and I have been feeling kicks and movement but its very slight.
How Far Along? 16 Weeks today
Total Weight Gain? 86kg hasn't changed will be asking the midwife this week at my appointment.
Maternity Clothes? no I haven't bought any yet.
Stretch Marks? 1 that's really red but its coming over a preexisting one from my first pregnancy.
Sleep? tired all the time sleeping when ever I can
Best moment this week? right now having the day to myself
Miss Anything? being on the beach
Movement? I have been feeling kicks this week
Food Cravings? No I didn't have them with first pregnancy
Queasy or Sick? no all gone
Gender? No don't no
Labour signs? no way
symptoms? tiredness, appetite, pains
bellybutton in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? on
happy or moody? moody
looking forward to? Christmas shopping tomorrow