Monday, 1 December 2014

Beach Holiday

We finally got to go on a holiday this week, one we have been waiting for, for months, we only went 1 hour up the road haha to a family resort Turtle Beach Holiday Resort, it was nice the room was really big and was clean but you could feel the springs in the bed which was totally not nice at all, I put the doona and 2 blankets underneath the sheet to help but it barely made a difference we where only there 5 night everyone told us to ask for a new room but we are not those kind of people we will just make do.
one night while we where cooking tea lucky we had just finished the power went out in the whole resort, no idea why we did hear the people under us (yes you could here every conversation through the walls) saying they got a text message that the power would be out for over 5 hours tonight for maitnents?! seemed abit unusual, so we sat there with no power one night.
lets just say probley wont go back there but it was still nice over all.
We got lots of shopping done we went to a bird century which was fun for the little guy.
I also had some skin cancers taken out of my back which hasn't been very nice ive got the stitches in till next Wednesday but there've been uncomfortable to say the least.
these photos are where we mostly spent everyday, at the beach!!

chasing the seagul