Monday, 17 November 2014

Sleep Deprived - Mommy Mondays

Ok Guys I'm in desperate need for some help and advise,
My 2 year old boy has decided that 3am /4am is now his morning time :(
He goes to bed everynight between 6:30pm/7pm always has from day one and its always been fine, he's always woken between 6:30am/7:30am from about 6 weeks of age, so yes maybe its just coming back to hornt us because he was such a perfect sleeper as a baby or I don't know.
So he has always had a block out curtain from day one (and plus 3am its still dark so there is defently no light coming through) he has a little night light he has always had. And we sleeps with huggies stay dry nappies for night time so he's not waking up because he's wet.
I don't know what else to do im so confused and so tired
He goes to bed on a full stomach and he's not hungry when he wakes up.
sometimes he'll want a drink.
we have tried putting him back in but he just comes straight back into our room, we take him back explaining its still the middle of the night but he comes straight back in out room.
we have bought the door nob locks but they are only plastic and he learnt how to get them off with in the week otherwise he would just cry and cry until you go in there.
So im in desperate need for help any advise I would love, I really need to brake this silly wake up time.