Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Beauty Thursday - Whats in my travel makeup bag

I know this doesn't look like much and its all drug store products but I'm going to the hottest part of our country where makeup does not stay on your face its complete desert, its going to be so hot. im scared haha.
Im mostly taking it for night outs and for the flights there and the flights home silly yes I know but I'm one of those girls that cant leave the house without some kind of makeup on and I totally know I don't need it but I feel more comfortable wearing it.
I know im taking way to much and im even probley forgetting a couple of things but ill ether ad those later of just not worry.

BYS Blusher Peach sundae this is great for a blush or also a highlighter I mostly use as a highlighter as its alittle to shiny just to use as a blush. but its a beautiful colour.

I defently have to take a chap stick or lip balm as the hot heat will dry my lips out and they will start to crack so ill live in this stuff.
Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry

Makeup brushes 1 foundation brush 1 powder brush 1 concealer brush 2 eyeshadow brushes 1 eyeshadow blending brush (forgot to add 1 bronzer brush & 1 blush brush)

Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer (doesn't say what colour) this would have to be my favourite at the moment great coverage and colour.
Devcos eyebrow pencil in dark not a big fan but it works and I don't wont to take my good one with me.
Australis Lash Length Extension Mascara great product it works really well but ive had it about 4 months and its already dried out so I have to buy a new one before I leave, I really like the length it gives that's why im repurchasing it.
Lacura Beauty Face Primer 3 in 1 really nice primer its not sticky or feels think on skin it just feels like a moisturiser and goes well with foundation.

Maybelline NewYork Fit me Concealer 10 light leger
Maybelline NewYork Fit Me 225 fit me foundation
ok im taking to foundations and concealers because ones full coverage and ones light coverage same with concealers.

Social Eyes Delight eyelashes taking these just incase I feel classy one night and decide to go out for dinner or drinks haha yeah right.

Smokey Eye Palette you can make a couple different looks with this palette not necessarily all Smokey looks if that's not what your after which is good since its so small and easy to pack

my cheap Natio makeup case fits every thing easy and I love the colours.

Eau Roma Water From Lush this is going to come in handy while on holidays, as soon as I get there ill put it in the fridge and use it when we go out during the day.

Revlon Photoready Bronzing palette I am in love with this palette this is my second palette and as you can see I am in need for a third which I defently will be repurchasing.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique light foundation pure linen at first I hated this foundation until I was send these makeup brushes and the brush make the application go on so flawlessly im in love with it and I use everyday.

and last is a Revlon Photoready BB cream that I can use if I cant use my foundations.
I new I would forget some stuff like lipsticks, blush, highlighter and probley more haha.