Sunday, 14 December 2014

Mummy Mondays - Toddler Stocking Ideas

Start with buying a stocking so you know the size and how much you need to get to fill it with.
you cannot go wrong with some cars for a little boy, extra cars to there collection is always the best.
since we are traveling over Christmas and the holidays we decided to get some dvds so our little guy doesn't get cranky or bored on the travel because its about a 5 hour flight to where we are going. 

so a mixture of kids shows or just there favourite show is always good

and well you can never go wrong with Peppa Pig

Pair cards might be fun on the plane or just playing as a family while on holidays.

some beauty items are always a cute idea because there like mum what's this where's the chocolate haha, and it fills the stocking up.
shower gel and soap that I thought we could use on holidays anyway and he loves dinosaurs at the moment.

 Let me know your stocking fillers for toddlers!!!